– Shared Passions –




Together we present our perspective on the world through the creative presentation of ideas that represent our interests in history, art, science & religion.


Our Story (Abbreviated)

Meeting online in October 2010, we quickly realised how much we complemented one another with the resulting engagement in February 2011. Our relationship was formalised with our marriage in April 2012.


Our complementary interests include an eclectic mix of art, science, history, and business. We pursue our respective interests both individually and in conjunction depending on the various project. The work of one of us naturally interplays with the work of another.


In a way, our work reflects our marriage: both of us have our strengths but we seek to develop as a team, learning and growing with one another.


This is our work, this is our life.


Natural Reflection

A fondness for nature is a common thread within our work as human nature & natural wonder impact everything we see and do.


Historical Appreciation

Seeking to understand and learn from historical experiences is crucial to our lives. We seek to revisit and reinvigorate our views of the past.


Evolving Interpretation

The infinite range of perspectives that create the range of human experience is universal in the wide ranging interests that we pursue.


Our Goal

To create, innovate & inspire through a variety of interests.


Commisioned Pieces

The creation of commissioned artwork using a diverse range of media..


Interior Design

Envisioning and positioning historical  and unique items in a vintage modern home.


Historical Appreciation

Collection, research, and preservation of a wide range of historical items..


Recycled, Repurposed, & Upcycled

Utilizing the materials and objects around us that may be under-appreciated.


Archiving & Geneaology

Recording photos, videos, stories and more to be enable reflection.


Mixed Media

Combining unique physical materials and mental concepts to highlight a changing world view.


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    Jordan McLellan

    Arts & Illustration

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